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    Bāked, a farm to you, Cafe & Bakery brings a balanced healthy kids' lunch program to local schools. We are offering two lunch sizes, a half-size portion and a full-size portion. Both sizes come with one side option.

    The half-size portion consists of either a cup of soup, a small salad, or a 1/2 sandwich. The full-size portion has two options. Option one consists of picking one of the following: a bowl of soup, a large salad, or a whole sandwich/wrap, option two consists of picking two of the half-sized options: a cup of soup, small salad or half sandwich.

    If you are ordering for more than one child, please fill out the form for each child separately. You may submit this form each day for your order or once for the entire week. Please place your order by 8 AM when ordering lunch for that school day.

    *Due to rising costs the prices for lunches has been increased

    Student Details


    When creating a meal for each day of the week:

    1. Choose Portion Size - Choose from our half-size and full-size portions (see description above for details).
    2. Choose Meal Options- Choose from Soup, Salad, or Sandwich. All meals include choose of side.
    3. Complete Each Day's Order - Once you've chosen a meal for each day of the week, click "Add to Basket" to go to the checkout process.
    4. * If you need to start over, use the Reset button at the bottom of this form.


    Choose Two (half-size portions) or One (full-size portion)

    You can only choose two (2) options for the full-size portion.

    Choose One